Celebrate Spring with us on Saturday April 11th from 4-8PM!!!!

Come Meet the artists: Bill Hudders, Emily Steinberg,

Ellen Sapienza, Dick De Groot, John Schmidtberger, Corinne Lalin

and Kerstin Engman. Light Refreshments will be served!



It began on a whim…”Why don’t we ask Fred to model for us sometime? We could hang out and make art. It would be fun.”

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Art-making is by nature a solitary undertaking, and it can be lonely. So spending time with other artists can be a real treat. Emily Steinberg (painter, Philadelphia) loves to “interview” our volunteer models, while simultaneously brushing on large canvases. Conversation is encouraged, and though it’s mostly calm and quiet, there are moments of hilarity as well. The informal monthly get-togethers have become the highlight of this very cold winter.

a special thank-you to L.D. Bright Photography for their beautiful photographs.

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Some of you may not know John Schmidtberger’s Mr. Pig: a charmingly naive and occasionally grandiose pig figuring out the complexities of a fanciful world. Mr. Pig came to life in little cartoons John would share online among friends. As the cartoons multiplied, Mr. Pig quickly took on a life of his own and even has his own Facebook page as Monsieur-Mr Pig. The porky fellow has explored the digital world in black and white and is now in a much more colorful, physical one in Robert Feldman’s KomikZAP!. KomikZAP! is a free, monthly publication of comic strips.

We are excited not only to be apart of KomikZAP!, but to be a distributor of the comic as well!
Stop in and pick one up!


Mr. Pig’s space in the KomikZAP! is sponsored by our local Sunbeam Toys and we are grateful to them for backing us!


For more information about KomikZAP! please visit http://www.komikzap.com 


Dick De Groot Interview at SFA Gallery!


Dick De Groot (born 1920) is July’s featured artist. The opening reception for his show coincides with Frenchtown’s “Bastille Day” Celebration. Come out and join us on Saturday, July 12th from 4-7PM. Light refreshments will be served!

"My Hand", acrylic, 36"x24"

“My Hand”, acrylic, 36″x24″


"The Diner", acrylic, 18"x24"

“The Diner”, acrylic, 18″x24″