Elizabeth Johnson




Elizabeth Johnson recently relocated to Easton, PA after living and working in San Francisco, CA for 25 years. She received her B.A. from Bard College in Fine Arts. She began writing about art for artpractical.com in San Francisco and now writes art reviews about shows in New York, Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley for theartblog.org, and writes art profiles for the Easton Irregular. She had a solo show at the Cafe Museo in SFMOMA, and showed in Paint a group show at the Fort Mason SFMOMA Artists Gallery. She curated The Big Painting Show in San Francisco’s Mission district and a group show of regional and urban artists titled Edge Vs. Line at Lafayette College. Recently, she exhibited at the Soft Machine Gallery in Allentown, PA; the Garage Space Gallery in Easton; Schmidtberger Fine Art in Frenchtown, NJ; and Associated Gallery in Brooklyn.

“My oil paintings join unrelated subjects in the manner of Surrealism. I call this work “anti-story” because it confounds rational thinking, creates mysteries, and thwarts the mental mechanism that makes sense of the world through narrative. I depict photographs and imagined paintings as if they occupy space, distorting or wrapping images on objects like wallpaper, using digital manipulation as a tool and hand-built forms as models. To me, photographs, figure drawings, and geometric shapes have lives of their own apart from the tyranny of meaning, and I love to look not only at combinations of objects and images that have no obvious reason for appearing together, but also at those with no preexisting, well-worn associations. Currently, I paint on small surfaces and finish a painting in a two or three days, working quickly in order to train myself to let the odd combinations happen. Working in an imaginary space lets me create situations that bypass storytelling and yet frame desire and resolution in the unexpected.”