“William Hudders/Recent Still-Lifes” to open soon

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William Hudders returns to SFA Gallery for his second one-person show, this time emphasizing large and very large still-lifes. The show runs from Dec. 1-Jan. 3. An Opening Reception for the artist is planned for Saturday, Dec. 5th, from 5-8PM. Light Refreshments will be served.


“Still-life with Extension Cord” (above) is a good example. At 41” x 60” it is much larger than any traditional still life. Hudders’ approach is different as well: Instead of conceiving of the picture as a repository of highly-rendered objects, he focuses on the spaces between objects as much as the objects themselves. Using abstracted shapes, softened edges and uncanny tonal balance he creates paintings that convey nuance beyond what is actually painted.


“Still-Life” 26” x 32” though much smaller, shows Hudders carefully balancing incongruous objects in a shallow space, simplifying shapes, refining edges, until his exact aim is achieved.