8 Painterly Painters

8 Painterly Painters

8 Painterly Painters SNOW DATE is Saturday Feb 8, 4-6

Ellen Sapienza “Doors to the Garden” oil on canvas 30×35

Drew Panckeri “The Magic Valley” Acrylic on canvas 24×30

January 4-March 1. Hours: TH-SUN 12-5 and by appointment.

Join us for a celebration on Saturday January 18 from 4-6pm. Light refreshments will be served. Afterwards, enjoy the opening at ArtYard of Elsa Mora’s PAPER WEIGHT from 6-8pm. A great evening of inspiring art!

8 Painterly Painters is about artists who emphasize the physical qualities of paint. Thick, thin, right from the tube, layered, brushed, knife-applied, glazed, dry-brushed, built-up, textured, shiny, dull.

Artists shown: Dick De Groot (1920-2019), William Hudders, Lauren Kindle, Drew Panckeri, Ellen Sapienza, John Schmidtberger, Elizabeth Snelling, Emily Steinberg.