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Emily Steinberg is an artist (painter/cartoonist/graphic novelist) who lives and works in Philadelphia, PA . Emily studied at the University of Pennsylvania, earning a BFA and BA (history) in 1987, and an MFA in 1992. In 1987 she completed the Penn in Florence Program, studying Italian Language and Art History.

“Emily Steinberg works in an Expressionist-Realist style, combining an innate awkwardness with superior painting and drawing technique. She approaches her subjects–teacups, old buildings, matzo cracker boxes, asparagus, the human figure–with equanimity and imbues them with the unique, wobbly energy that emanates from her hand. If you funneled the strange vitality of Charles Burchfield through the clear structure of Edward Hopper, you would get Emily Steinberg’s emotional portraits of everyday subjects.” –Elizabeth Johnson, Easton, 2012