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Corinne Lalin is a painter, art educator and craftsperson who lives and works in Upper Black Eddy, PA.  A prolific artist, Corinne works in many media, including oil, encaustic, needle-felting, ink, assemblage, mixed media and sculpture. She exhibits widely, and has taught in many area colleges and high schools. Corinne studied at the University of Pennsylvania with Neil Welliver, earning a BFA and MFA degree in 1989. She is also a certified K-12 instructor, with a degree from Moravian College. Before that, she earned a BA in Fine Arts from Smith College in Northampton, MA.

Penobscot Bay  encaustic (wax) on panel  14″x18″

About her work, Corinne says “my paintings reflect my joy in seeing and absorbing the world around me. During the heightened visual experience of painting, I enter a haven where I feel safe to respond emotionally to events in my life. In this way, by focusing on plastic issues such as color, edges, and the rhythm of inner relationships, I transcend my initial perceptual experience and allow other elements, such as symbolic meaning and visual memories, to enter my work. Through the process of painting, I connect with the world around me.”





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